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Under England's authority, Wales became part of the Kingdom of Great Britain in 1707 and then the United Kingdom in 1801.Yet, the Welsh retained their language and culture despite heavy English dominance.Nearly 600 hillforts are in Wales, over 20% of those found in Britain, examples being Pen Dinas near Aberystwyth and Tre'r Ceiri on the Lleyn peninsula.A particularly significant find from this period was made in 1943 at Llyn Cerrig Bach on Anglesey, when the ground was being prepared for the construction of a Royal Air Force base.This period saw the construction of many chambered tombs particularly dolmens or cromlechs.

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Hillforts continued to be built during the British Iron Age.

The Roman conquest of Wales began in AD 48 and was completed in 78, with Roman rule lasting until 383.

Roman rule in Wales was a military occupation, save for the southern coastal region of South Wales east of the Gower Peninsula, where there is a legacy of Romanisation.

The industries of Empire in Wales declined in the 20th century with the end of the British Empire following the Second World War, while nationalist sentiment and interest in self-determination rose.

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The Labour Party replaced the Liberal Party as the dominant political force in the 1940s.The cache included weapons, shields, chariots along with their fittings and harnesses, and slave chains and tools.

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